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My Philatelic Interests
1. Selected Essays from "India Stamp Collection"
2. How to Enjoy Pakistan Stamps
3. Modern History of South Asia through Stamps
4. Introduction to Bangladesh Philately
5. Basketball

My Philatelic Interests

I have been collecting stamps since my school days, that is, for more than thirty years. As a typical Japanese kid at that period, my stamp collecting began as a catalogue collection of unused commemorative stamps of Japan, but sooner my interests moved to used stamps and covers of regular stamps. I have been a member of
Japan Philatelic Society since 1977, which is the largest philatelic orgnization in Japan.

Gandhi Stamp

Since I travelled around India as a backpacker during my college days, my main interests have been on the postal history and the traditional philately of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. I am particularly thrilled with the richness of the region in postal histories. Not only the classic periods of modern postal system, but also quite recent periods are exciting in the case of South Asia, such as the effects of the Partition (1947) and the independence of Bangladesh (1971). I have been a member of India Study Circle for Philately since 1996 and have just joined Pakistan Study Circle this year.

In addition to my main collection, I am also collecting topicals, including basketball, flowers, and agriculture.

In this homepage, some of my collections are shown. Most of them are translated from my articles published in newsletters and journals in Japanese language. Hope you like the page and I am looking forward to your comments. You can reach me at:

kurosaki at ier dot hit-u dot ac dot jp

Just change "at" to @ and "dot" to . and remove the spaces. Sorry for inconvenience. This is to avoid the "spiders" that harvest email addresses for spammers.

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