Takashi Kurosaki

(Last revised: October 4, 2004)

In Stamps Show 2004 held in Tokyo organized by Japan Philatelic Society, my two-frame exhibition of basketball philately won Silver Medal in the topical class. Since the 1934 issue of US Philippine Island, basketball stamps have been increasing, reaching more than 800 issues in 2002. In this exhibition, all of the thirty-nine stamps issued before Rome Olympic Games in 1960 are shown. Later issues are selectively shown with emphasis on those countries that are known for playing competitive basketball. The unique point in its story is its focus on sports politics associated with former USSR and Yugoslavia. By clicking each leaf, you can see its enlarged image. Since all the captions are in Japanese, English explanation is added in this page.

Leaf 1: Title page with the exhibition plan. Leaves 2-4: Section 1 "Birth of Basketball".

Leaves 5-8: Section 2 "How to Play the Game." Ball and net; goal and court; jump ball; dribbling and passing.

Leaves 9-12: Section 2 "How to Play the Game." Lay-up shot; jump shot; hook shot and dunk shot; defense.

Leaves 13: Section 2 "How to Play the Game." Defense and rebounding.
Leaves 14-16: Section 3 "Expanding Basketball World." Netball; wheelchair basketball; street hoops and others.

Leaves 17-20: Section 4 "World Basketball Powers." US; USSR; Lithuania.

Leaves 21-24: Section 4 "World Basketball Powers." Yugoslavian Areas; Philippines; Brazil.

Leaves 25-28: Section 5 "Major Championship Games for Basketball." Olympic games.

Leaves 29-32: Section 5 "Major Championship Games for Basketball." FIBA World Championships; European Championships.

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