News and Season's Greetings from Mizuho 2003-04

Last revision: December 29, 2003

Hello, I am Mizuho Kurosaki. In 2003, I became nine-year old on June 20. As season's greetings, here are my news from 2003. Please send me an e-mail.

ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2003 SOUTH AFRICA (March 2003). My mother likes "Team India" so much.

The Old Highway TOKAIDO (May 2003); Old Inn at Akasaka Station near Nagoya.

Hakusui Dam in Kyushu with my father (June 2003).

Local Summer Festival with my friend, Aki (August 2003).

Walking along the canal in Venice, Italy (August 2003).

The 50 th Venice Biennale International Contemporary Art Festival (August 2003).

Itaria-Austria Border, Brenner with my father (August 2003).

Princeton University (October 2003). Me, my father and mother, and my friend Kinu now living in New York.

Matan and Barak in Washington DC. They are sons of my father's friend. Kinu and I visited them and had a fun time!

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