Photo Essays from South Asia

Takashi Kurosaki

Last Revised: August 27, 2001

I like to take photos in my fields in Asia. Here I will show some of my photos of farmers and rural scenes in India and Pakistan. Hope you enjoy them! Please select a page you like.

(1) Working Bovines in South Asia
India is known as a country with the largest number of cows and buffaloes in the world. ... Because of this bovine population, it is no wonder that travellers find cows everywhere. So, let's go around rural South Asia focusing on cows and buffaloes...
(2) Irrigation in South Asia
South Asia is geographically diverse. Key to its diversity is rainfall and water... So let's look around rural South Asia, focusing on irrigation...
(3) Welcome to My Study Villages!
I owe much to fellow villagers from whom I obtained research ideas as well as data for analysis. In this page, I would like to introduce my study villages to appreciate them...
(4) Trip to Tripura, India
I visited one of the North-Eastern States of India, Tripura, which is known with its communist governments and tropical agriculture...

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